About Us

Integrated Community Awareness Health & Environmental society is a Non Profitable Organization Registered under society registration Act 21, 1860 in 2001. The Institution aims at the developmental activities for building up an overall welfare oriented strategy in the entire socio-economic sector encompassing health, education, environment, population control, agriculture, rural development, and handicraft and entrepreneurship development in different sections of society.


ICA Health Card


Integrated Community Awareness Health club will issue Integrated Community Awareness help card on which special services will be provided. Card holders will enjoy many facilities such as reduction in treatment charge, website services, free health check up etc. club issue four categories of Help Card.

1: Integrated Community Awareness Orange Help Card.

2: Integrated Community Awareness Student Card.

1: Integrated Community Awareness Orange Help Card.

This card holder will enjoy following facilities.

1: They can have free first-aid at Integrated Community Awareness health care centers.

2: They will enjoy reduction in treatment by club hospital & doctors.

3: Free vaccination facilities will also be provided at health care centers.

Jan Sabha

 Jal Sabha is a Mega awareness programme on water conservation targeting especially natural water resources such as ground water, rivers, lacks and manmade resources such as ponds wells and ditches. Jal Sabha i.e. Water Conference is an effective tool to aware the people and motivating them to participate actively in water conservation. Local representatives, Government bodies, Local NGO’s, local people and experts of various streams are participate and give their best support to make it successful. In Jal Sabha people get various technical supports along with other supports given by local authorities. Peoples are also invited to share their problem related to water crisis. First Jal Sabha was organization and inaugurated by Holiness and blessing of Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati Jee Maharaj in Delhi.


ECO-FRIEND CONTEST is a pioneer attempt of organization to bring mass awareness about environment and its conservation. The very different image of this contest is to directly involve the students in environmental protection activities since it is compulsory for every student to plant at least one plantlets and protect it for three months. The attractive title and awards of the contest motivate maximum students to participate in it and involve in environmental protection.


The contest aims to achieve the following objectives.

1: This contest aims to aware the school students about environment and its conservation.

2: The main objective of contest is to develop an eco-friendly environment and eco-friendly thinking among students, teachers & guardians.